The most playful, spiritual path to committed lasting love. No gimmicks, no tricks, happy, healthy love, without sacrificing who you are.

LoveMuffin Supports you through 3 Phases of Relationship Success!

1. Phase 1: Preparing for LOVE  

  • Heal from the past pain, heartbreak, or disappointment in relationship
  • Rewire nervous system to allow love to come in
  • Uncover any unknown blocks to love and release them
  • Get clear on the right person for you & the life that matters to you  

2. Phase 2: Create your Authentic Dating Strategy

  • Have the skills to the dating world and have fun doing it
  • Know where to find quality partners that match you
  • Get off the emotional rollercoaster for good
  • Community that you love and that suports your goals  

3. Phase 3: You found the ONE, Here's how to make it stick. 

  • Building the foundation for a healthy, happy, lasting relationship 
  • Create map for handling conflict and coming to peace together
  • Knowing how to manage triggers and relate from LOVE not fear
  • Skills to communicate needs and listening


LoveMuffin teaches us to create a clear vision of our desires in love and life, have faith that all you want will manifest, to release the fear & limitations that get in your way, to be a beacon for miracles in life, while trusting in the universe to allow your amazing beloved to show up. 

Ready to find your LOVE MUFFIN? Click button below to apply! 

LoveMuffin Application  

Love-Muffin: noun. 1. Term of endearment used instead of someone's usual first name to express fondness or familiarity. verb. 1. The ability to find the most loving point of view or decision in any situation in life.

Here's what you get when as a LoveMuffin!

Ingredient 1: Monthly LIVE Trainings- Each month will focus on an important ingredient in having a happy, healthy relationship. This will include lecture & experiential practices so you can make a real time shift. You will also receive a prescriptive "homework" practice to play with to integrate the teaching in your being. And then we will have time for questions and discussion. So no matter where you are in the process (preparing to date, dating or in a new relationship) this will be give you what you need to have success in love! 

Ingredient 2: Circle Freshness Monthly Healing Clinic/Q&A Open to whatever you need, healing, coaching, teaching or time to share and be in community. Individuals will be able to get "HeartSeat" coaching if needed. Bring your burning love and relationship questionsl, get feedback on your online profile, or just to connect and receive coaching, healing or support.  

Ingredient 3: Proven Process! Get The Love Advantage proven path to LOVE which means you can get off the emotional roller coaster & cultivate the needed and necessary skills, awareness, courage and confidence to bring ALL of you to your love life without having to "wing it" alone.  

Ingredient 4: Monthly Virtual Campfires! Love Coach Macy will share The Love Advantage special ritual to release and let go so you can free yourself from old habits and patterns. 

Ingredient 5: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. As a part of the trainings you will receive ancient proven practices that bring the healing needed to let love in.  

Ingredient 6: Community! One of the key pillars of calling in happy, healthy LOVE is to have your LOVE Allies. Love Muffin provides this through the support & community of women along expert relationship support from Love Coach Macy. You can't call in a healthy romantic partnership without surrounding yourself with loving people now. 

LoveMuffin Circle of Freshness! Super Top Secret Private Members ONLY FaceBook Group 

Be in a supportive circle of FUN, creative like minded women! Get real time coaching form Love Coach Macy in the group. and learn from each others questions and sharing! 

LoveMuffin Library

Never miss a thing. All classes will be filed in the exclusive LoveMuffin Library for you to access when you can't be there live or to re-watch whenever you want. Plus bonus products, blueprints and meditations for extra support. 

Special BONUS Guest Sessions!  

Throughout the year, you will be blessed to hear from amazing teachers sharing on money, sex, creativity, and healing. All experts in their fields! Dates to be determined. 

Want more personal attention? Then LoveMuffin Super Deluxe is for you! 

All you can EAT LoveMuffin HotLine!  

Love Coach in Your Back Pocket! No more sabotage when you have this awesome feature. Because we know changing our tricky relationships isn't easy. When you choose the Super Deluxe LoveMuffin package it's like having Love Coach Macy in your back pocket. Laser coaching calls, texts and emails as needed for those moments in between. You won't be making the same mistakes over and over when you have Love Macy by your side!  

2 Private One on one Healing Sessions Each Month

Healing Therapy: Expedite the process by having an additional coaching/healing/RIM session on your calendar every month. RIM which stands for Regenerating Images in Memory is a therapy developed by Dr. Deb Sandella the founder of the RIM institute. This therapy quickly removes emotional blocks in the subconscious which means you can create a new life and reality for yourself. If you feel stuck in life, this is the solution. Since our life is driven by the subconscious mind, and our relationship patterns are created in our subconscious before age 7, traditional talk therapy is not effective for relationship healing. This is the fast track to making powerful shifts for good. "People who leave therapy feel better, peopl who leave a RIM session feel different."

Online Profile Creation sprinkled with magnetic LOVE VIBES

Magical Online Profile Creation. 20% of people who get married meet online. This tells us it works. We don't believe making this your only strategy but it is a good one include. Go through the Love Advantage signature online profile creation process to create a magnetic profile that totally represents you and what matters to YOU. Your profile will be composed in collaboration with you so that your voice and vibe are fully in it. We will help you add that magic touch that creates a natural invitation that attracts the right candidates to you.

Online Profile Picture consult & selection

Photo Consult! We will consult with your photographer or review your current photos to help you get the right shots that capture you in all your radiance. 

LoveMuffin Medicine Magic Kit - Special VIP care package!

LoveMuffin Medicine Magic Kit Ready to squeal?! You will when you get this treasure box in the mail! This special package full of LoveMuffin magic medicine is created just for YOU with one of a kind transformational gifts that will entertain, delight and support you on your path to love. 

LoveMuffin Results!

  • your special person FINDS you!
  • you feel confident being you
  • you know how to have a healthy relatonship that lasts
  • you can trust yourself 
  • you can create healthy boundaries
  • you’re free from the past
  • you can communicate your needs
  • you have the tools to be in relationship that feels empowering
  • you feel on purpose in your life
  • you're NOT ruled by trolls in your head
  • you're open to love
  • you love who you are 

"You do not attract what you want, You attract what you believe" - Oprah  

Why is LoveMuffin the best investment ever?! 

  • Because you don’t need to lose any more of your vibrant years doing life alone when you could be cuddling up with your love muffin
  • Because relationship is all there is. Our success in life is based on the quality of relatonships we create with all things--- yourself, friends, a beloved, your body, your money, your health, spirit, the earth....and on and on. 
  • Because if you want to finally get a grip on the inner trolls that keep sabotaging your love life, this will do it.
  • Because the benefits of this program expand way beyond the dating scene, LoveMuffin gives you the foundation to live a happy, purpose-filled life.
  • Because it’s not your typical “get the dude” relationship program that makes you feel icky—-this goes deep to the juicy core and opens you up to a new love paradigm—-without sacrificing the truth of who you are right now.
  • Because Macy has a delightful blend of smart, modern & ancient proven practices that create change—-all sprinkled with dorky but quality jokes which means you won’t space off wishing you were taking the cat to the vet or organizing your craft supplies.  
  • Because most love attracting programs are super dry and serious, constantly “poking the bruise” of the pain of being single. LoveMuffin is sweetly-uplifting and will give you and uplifting transformation like you would a spa day or an afternoon playing with a basket of kittens.  
  • Because it's has woo-woo & proven science so your friends and family will be excited for you and won’t think you have gone off the deep end and joined a cult.  
  • Because you’re gonna totally love yourself loads more as soon as you enroll—-and that’s mega-BIG life enhancing value that never depreciates.  

You: Macy, this sounds exciting but what about the mean trolls in my head?  

Macy: If you are hearing...  

Troll 1: Nothing works for me—-

Okay if you think that, then you are right and this is NOT for you. If you want a different outcome you need to do something different—-LoveMuffin will give you the mindset practices that will bring you a new result so you can have what you want in love.

Troll 2: I don’t have time for a program.

Play with me here--and be honest. You say you don't have time for a program, but Would you make time if your super duper sexy, kind, committed lover if he walked into your life right now? Mmm hmm of course you would!! You have to be willing to open up space now, in order to for love to show up.. Enrolling in LoveMuffin sends a powerful message to the universe that says "YES, I have time for love". 

Troll 3: I can’t afford it.

We find money for stuff that is important to us. If you broke your ankle right now you would go to the hospital and take care if it, no matter what the expense. Yet when our heart and spirit are feeling sprained and broken we just suffer. Money is replenishable, time is not. How much emotional cash does it cost you to be in mediocre relationships or spend months or years recovering from heartbreak? Fact is, Doing your life alone costs 1000’s of dollars to your expense every year that IS offset when you can share life with another. I am not saying you have to be a gold digger, this is just the truth. And falling into the wrong relationship costs 1000's in therapy, divorce costs, lawyers and time away from work. LoveMuffin becomes an easy investment in YOU. Having a partner in life is the most sacred investment you can have as a human on this planet. So if having this matters to you then you will make it work. 

Troll 4: I am just gonna figure it out

Haven’t you been doing that already? How’s that working for you? You can’t see your own blind spots. The blocks to love are sneaky, they hide out in the dark corners of your psyche. If you are reading this then there’s a reason you are here. I don’t believe there are any accidents. Getting help in your love life is the biggest gift you can give to yourself. Let go of the idea that there is something wrong with you if you need help finding love. LoveMuffin is the most efficient catalyst to shift this.

Troll 5: Why a whole year?!!!

Because I don't want to lie to you. I know there are coaches out there that will say "find love in 30 days" or "Engaged in 90 days" and really any of you could do that if you just wanted a warm body! I don't think that is why you are here! The fact is that none of us were taught how to do "relationship' growing up. We are all basing it on what we saw, read or watched on TV. This means that we have been living with these mostly bad ideas for decades. I am committed to helping you to establish healthy relationships patterns and programing within you around what it means to have loving partnership so that you can earnestly call in your beloved and have the BEST relationship in your life. What I have seen after working with 100's of women over the years is it takes at least a year to heal, date, create and begin to grow a good relationship. And a year goes by fast! LoveMuffin is designed to give you the time and space to go through all of the important stages of relationship in a LOVING supportive container so you don't waste time making the same mistakes as before. You may even want to stay longer when you realize how powerful and good it feels to have guidance along the way. 

Troll 6: My psychic said he's coming so I will wait.

True. He is coming. I could have told you that for free. What I can also say is that you can expedite the process of finding the one when you have a plan. Any of you can get a date, this is more than that, LoveMuffin is about creating the conditions within you to get an extraordinary partner by removing the patterns that keep you attracting the same painful relationships. By enrolling in LoveMuffin you can stop calling in relationships for “lessons” and move directly "past GO to collect" real “unicorn" love, the kind of love you thought could never exist. You can keep hoping he will show up if you want, however hoping doesn’t get you to real love, getting proven step by step love attracting practices does.

Meet your LoveMuffin Leader! "I am Not a Status Quo Love Coach… I get my clients RESULTS"  

  • I am the antithesis of all things ordinary, fake, boring, and cookie cutter--- because the women I work with are UNIQUE and deserve special attention.
  •  A champion for AUTHENTICTY, bringing hope to ALL who LONG to be ACCEPTED just as they are right now. So if you say “I just want someone who GETS me—I am your gal. 
  •  A creative, modern cutting edge- intuitive, spiritual HEALER, weaving the science of CHANGE, Biology of LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS, & proven ancient yogic practices to help women attract the RIGHT partners and keep ‘em.
  •  I refuse to HOLD back to TIP toe AROUND your EGO. NO WAY---I speak the HARD truths that serve your soul. 
  • I am the “get it done” sister (who sometimes swears)—committed to giving you exactly what you need in each moment even if it means creating it so you accelerate on your path.
  •  A disco loving certified Kundalini yogi teacher, practicing yoga & meditation for over 30 years. 
  • I will make you laugh and cry and I will follow your snot and tears to the end of the earth to lead you to your divine match. An expert at ADORING & being ADORED---LOVER of all things adore-able (kittens and vintage old lady cardigans.)
  •  A transformational award winning LOVE leader with a proven track record responsible for countless happy couples all over the world and I am 100% committed to helping you get there too.  

Look! Happy LoveMuffins!!! 

"You are outstanding in value! Your work is part of what got me dating wonderful men. Watching your videos revived me, restored me, rocked my introvert self out into the wild wide world of dating & love creating.”


"Macy gets you looking inward to honestly examine what you're doing to prevent yourself from finding the relationship that's authentically you. She provides safe, supportive space for you to express your true desires while also being firm about the fact that only you have the power to attract what you really want. Yes, because I connected with my authentic version of myself in my revised profile I was able to attract the love of my life and now we are happily married!"

-Amy A.

"I was trying to figure out the best way to say this… OH MY %$#%$ God you changed my life. What you shared with me has changed everything in my life. I finally get it. I am so connected with love, healing, life and even in my career in a new way. This is %$^#^# epic. Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed and you were 100% right on."  

-Nina G. Loveland

"It doesn’t get any better than having Macy in your corner. Macy spoke one sentence to me in response to something I shared and honestly, those words unlocked a door that had been shut for eons…. a door I didn’t even know was locked, that I surely didn’t have the key for. Macy knew just the right words to share with me, with a compassion and clarity that allowed me to let them in…. and my heart softened and I had Permission to be Me… all of me. Macy you changed my life with just one sentence.  

We’re all experts at beating ourselves up and feeling inadequate and not quite worthy. Macy has done the work of walking through the fires, and she is an expert…a Wise Compassionate Guide who affirms you, sees you and knows how to take you through the dark places so you can rise like a Phoenix.  


You don't need to wait any longer, to have the LIFE in LOVE that you want.