Rev. Lunchlady's

Love Attraction 

Tool Kit 

50 smart, innovative, fun strategies, tools and teachings to create your unicorn LOVE miracle this year. (backed by cupids and proven science!)

Private coaching & Matchmakers cost $1000's and you can have this for... only $97 

I want my LOVE KIT!  

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (to infinity) this Kit!"  

"You are like a spirtual cupid monkey! Thanks for helping me!"

"I'm pinching my self every day! I never thought I would find a man like John!"

"I realize my past relationships were ALL so hard and tiring, this is not. It's like I can finally breathe and enjoy life in love."

This is for you if: 

  • You are sick of beng lonely and want a companion in life
  • You know that you want love and are sick of it not working
  • You don't want to get stuck in the same kinds of relationships you had before
  • You value personal development and spiritual practice
  • You want to believe that what you want in a partner actually exists
  • You don't want to find yourself single a year from now
  • You want BIG happy love that lasts
  • You are sick of wasting time with the wrong ones
  • You want innovative healing practices that work

Here's what you get in the kit:

  • 50 proven tools and strategies to use to attract the love relationship that is waiting for you. (And I am NOT talking about making a vision board.)
  • The ultimate downloadable love tool kit that will support your mindset, give you steps, heal your heart, and help you get excited about meeting your future partner.
  • My signature manifesting blessing that instantly dissolves fears and shifts your mind so you can have the love you deserve. 
  • Essential dating commandments that help stay off the emotional dating roller coaster and guide you so you can stop wasting time on the wrong ones. (must have for dating!) 
  • Simple key to help you pick the right tool for you right now, along with tips on how to use these same tools to manifest other things like money, career success or health. 

Use these same practices to support you attracting MONEY, HEALTH, SUCCESS or a new CAREER

Here's what women are saying!

Got the Love Attraction Tool Kit! Loving it! FYI - I really love your love repellent video series - good info & it cracks me up. -M  

I had given up on dating completely (many times). I had deactivated & reactivated (many times) before working with Macy. I thought it was completely hopeless. Then I reactivated Bumble (again), with little hope of anything different...then, a match & a date...that was different from all the others. We connected instantly & right from the beginning- no games, fun, easy, honesty...A very special connection! We are so similar it is almost weird! Same values, same views and not pretentious or’s the first time in 11 years that I’m not single at this time of year!! For anyone reading this, I want you to know that no matter how much ‘bad luck’ you’ve had in the past, just keep trying as it can turn any time! I’m full of gratitude, feeling very blessed & like the journey makes complete sense now! -K

"I met someone that I really really like. He’s hilarious. He thinks I’m funny. He says things like,” I really like us” He matches everything on my list! " -A